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Asking for Help?



When it was easy…

Asking for help as a child is easy.  You are learning – to button your shirt, to tie your shoes, to use a knife and fork.  The skills of daily living are important to learn at the hands of your guardian.  

It Gets Harder…

But asking for help as an adult is hard.  You feel like there are things you should already know when called on to implement a project, to lead a team, to engage with clients, to write the proposal, to design the campaign.  Who can you ask for help when you have been asked to do the work?  If all eyes are on you, what would they think if you turned to someone to ask for help? What would you feel? 

But Consider This

Asking for help is a sign of strength – knowing when you need more information or more skill building is emotional awareness of your intellectual capabilities.  There is no shame associated with asking for help, from peers or people who work for you or from outsiders.  Sometimes, you might need someone to guide your learning and keep you accountable.  And it may not take extra resources to get the help you ask for.  

Learning From Me

Last week, I asked for help to clean my house – to do spring cleaning – windows, dusting, vacuuming, walls, bathroom – the whole shebang.  I felt momentarily hesitant to ask for help for something I should be able to do this work myself, but then remembered I am getting older and I can afford to pay for this work.  And it will probably be done quicker, better and I will be happier with the result.  And indeed that is what is happening!  My house is getting cleaned and my windows shine brighter.  My oven is clean.  Life is better.  

Using self coaching techniques can be useful and involve others in learning and growing with you in your quest to improve your skill set and your understanding of the work ahead.  Learning new skills and knowledge is the best kind of self coaching to pursue.  I recently took a Multi-Open Online Course (MOOC) about Critical Issues in Philosophy. I wanted to understand the roots of philosophical thinking and how arguments are formed. It was fascinating to learn something new, something challenging.  What kind of learning do you need to move forward in your life? 

What Can Coaching Do for You? 

A coach brings specific kinds of learning to your table – leadership and acumen, is one kind among several that is on offer among coaching practices.  Such coaching involves conversations between the coach and the client around topics that are based on the needs of the client.  

My first conversation, one hour, is free.  Call 587-228-1852 to start a conversation and see if coaching is a fit for you.  

Bold Change Coaching is here for you.  

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