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What am I up to these days?

Volunteering with CFUW

You might be wondering what I’m keeping busy with these days?  In 2020, I engaged full time as a volunteer with the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), first as a coach and facilitator of various discussion groups on topics like: improving Long Term Care and defining Seniors’ rights in Canada and determining the best pathway for working with our colleagues at Graduate Women International. 

Then I was elected to a national board position as the vice president of advocacy.  I’ve been working in that position since 2022.  This volunteer work involves many more hours of coaching and facilitating groups on zoom. I host regular meetings and national webinars  encouraging and educating members and the public, helping to raise awareness and gather support for causes related to national matters like:

  • Identifying and connecting with allies who can contribute to equity/equality and social justice
  • Standing for equity and social justice for women and girls with federal, provincial and territorial government and other NGOs;
  • Holding accountable Canada’s stance on climate change and the climate emergencies at international events like the UNFCCC annual COP
  • Working with coalitions to reduce violence against women, reduce poverty in communities, achieve gender equity, improve the health of women and children.
  • Working towards ensuring funding for community care, and support for aging in the right place; a senior’s advocate in each province and a declaration of senior’s rights for Canada.
  • Making Canada’s Health Care system more effective.
  • Promoting a green economy; promote anti-pollution policy; reducing plastics policy; environmental conservation policy

This work fulfills and energizes me. 

CFUW’s vision is that women and girls are educated and empowered to make transformational change in their communities and the world.

CFUW’s mission is to achieve economic and education equality for women and girls, and social justice through continuous learning and empowerment.

Anyone Canadian identifying as a woman can join CFUW.  Find out more at



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