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Why Choose Bold Change Coaching?



Non-profit organizations are our specialty. We aim to listen and learn, then work with you  directly, in person and/or online to generate solutions that work for you.  The design of the solution is up to you; we flex and facilitate our work together using well tested methods and models. We co-create like this with government and businesses, too. 


Working Together 

Human System Dynamics methods and models (M&Ms) create a mutual learning space where your challenges become an experiment. You and your team work the problem, as you learn the simple M&Ms that apply not only on this challenge, but in many other situations going forward. This learning experience builds your team’s confidence in their ability to handle future challenges.  


Grow Your Business

Gain insights, expertise and confidence in your skills to untangle complex challenges in your continuing uncertain future by learning about adaptive action, inquiry and pattern spotting.  Grow your organizational capacity for the future.  Customize your learning experiments.  Strengthen your team.  Celebrate solving your challenges. 


Adapting to the Problem 

Bold Change Coaching does not have a prescribed solution “out of the box”.  We adapt to what you need in problem solving, untangling the complexity with simple questions and M&Ms until options for wise actions are evident as next steps.  


Seize Your Moment

If you face what looks like an unsurmountable challenge, or just want to talk about the ever uncertain future, connect with Bold Change Coaching.  We can help. 


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