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Services Offered

Bold Change Coaching offers a variety of educational, coaching, counselling, and team building services, available in-person or online.

Lighthouse, shining in the night.
Lighthouses prevent crashing on the rocks during turbulence and change.  Bold Change Coaching can be your lighthouse, helping you lead better and navigate the turbulence of uncertainty.  

Online coaching                                      

  • What would you like to change? 
  • What do you want?
  • Why don’t you have it now? 

Let’s schedule a conversation and talk about these and other questions. We’ll explore your need for coaching – and your goals.  IF you decide to proceed, I will want you to meet some criteria I set for all my clients before I take them on.  

After our work together, I promise you will have a refreshed perspective on your challenges and be confident meeting and exceeding them. 

Customized Learning Experiences

An Adaptive Action Lab is immersive experiential learning for  a small or large group.  Labs vary in length depending on the need of the client and the focus of the learning. You learn and apply Methods and Models of Human Systems Dynamics to the wicked problems you are wrestling with.  The Labs can be face-to-face or online.  The learning is collaborative and the engagement is generative.  After our work together, you will feel energized and more confident in your ability to deal with change and uncertainty.  They can be half day or full day sessions. 

 Other Coaching Services using Human Systems Dynamics

Corporate Team Building

A customized experience based on needs of the group, determined with consultation and collaboration of members in pre event interviews or assessments. These usually take the form of face to face learning experiences, but can be adapted to online short courses. See Adaptive Action Labs.  


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