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Inquiry in a Crisis

I’ve been spending a lot of time coaching a group wanting to deal with the Long Term Care crisis situation in Canada.

They carried a lot of passion into their first coaching session, wanting action now!

But they also realized they needed to do a lot more research to find out about regulations, inspections, previous studies and their recommendations, authorities, etc. 

Once they had looked at some of the research available, they came together again to talk about the next steps they could take together as a group, which consisted of many women located at various locations across Canada. 

How to bring their energies together in a focused way? 

The initial challenge was to get them to move into inquiry.  Thinking about the idea of inquiry as: 

  • Turning from judgement to curiosity
  • Turning from disagreement to shared exploration
  • Turning from defensiveness to self-reflection
  • Turning from assumptions to questions 

When you bring passion to the table, and want action now, frustrated by the state of the crisis, it is difficult to breathe through the complexity of issues that are part of that crisis. 

What do you do when a red flag crisis waves in front of you?  Do you turn to inquiry? Do you have some simple rules for managing crisis situations?   



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