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Are You Ready for The Unexpected?

Sand ripples in low sun and no wind, but can shift and blind you, drown you unexpectedly. Watch out!
Life, like sand, can shift depending on which way and how hard the the wind blows. Watch out for the quicksand!


In everyone’s life there is uncertainty. No one knows what tomorrow might bring. We make plans expecting life to go as usual.  But the sands can shift suddenly. If we are adaptable, we go with the flow, and better things happen, that could not have been predicted yesterday. 

Sometimes fate blows sand in our face and the unpredictable becomes the overwhelming, the tragic, the sad, the unexpected, the bad news.  Covid19 stopped the world, flipped it over and changed nearly everything in very little time. No one was ready for that. 

Asking Questions

When things big or small happen to shock and disturb you, to set a tragic incident in your path, breathe through it and start asking questions.  Having some questions prepared beforehand when things “go wrong” is a good idea.  Not everything is firing well and clearly when overwhelmed with unexpected bad news and having the tools to use “Just in Case” can be a relief during those early hours and days when so much information is coming in and so few answers are available.

No ONE Right Answer

There are few times when there is one right answer, and that is especially true when caring for someone during a crisis. Searching for the one right answer can sometimes create more frustration for everyone because there is no clear track to a single cause, a single yes or a single no, a single turn made incorrectly that created this tragedy.

The world is complicated and complex.  Sometimes, there is a number of ways to make change that will reduce the likelihood of such an event happening again. I have seen single point errors like that and helped families deal with them. But more frequently, a cascade of things occurred that led to now, this, unexpected outcome.

And when such a surprise hits, the breath leaves the body, the brain stops working and often anger, grief or fear rises up and obliterates clear thinking. Be prepared for uncertainty because it is inevitable. Good or bad, shining or shite… it can come unplanned at any time. What would you want to have happen if something happened to you? Are you ready?


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