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How Does a Coaching Session Develop?

Old Life or New Life? your decision
Coaching can provide a new road to a better outcome.

Group Coaching

At the start of a coaching session, the client contacts me usually with a question or a sketchy description of their concern. I ask questions about their background, their goals and sometimes, once we have agreed that we will work together, I will have them send me their background documents (constitution, bylaws, minutes of recent meetings, etc) for analysis.  

Sometimes I will send a questionnaire to their staff, volunteers asking about strengths, weaknesses of the organization, issues as they see them that the organization is facing. 

Then I develop a custom approach to guide them through some dialogue for seeking solutions to their concerns. 

    • maybe its looking what is Same/Different in particular situations
    • maybe its looking at asking a series of questions in a process of inquiry 
    • maybe its looking at the interdependent pairs of the situation that is binding the problem 
    • or maybe its another model or method to apply. 

The custom solution depends on the kind of challenge the client is facing. What works for one client will not necessarily work for another. 

This program is often these days online in a zoom live webinar.  I prepare materials for the webinar so we can see and hear the materials and there are also exercises for the client to do during the webinar, so the learning is multi-dimensional.  

Key for success in coaching is the learning transfer: dialogue is the practice as the coach and the client learn together.  


One – on – one coaching is a different process.  It may take longer and the results usually aim at building a more resilient, high performing individual who will benefit their work and life.  



If you want to talk about a challenge you or your organization face, the first hour is free.  Call Bold Change Coaching to talk it over.  587-228-1852 

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