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Agreement – Finding a Good Fit



When you are on the edge, sometimes all you can do is hope for the best and take a leap of faith.  Maybe there’s a net.  

Maybe negotiating for an agreement would prevent that leap from having to happen.  

What is Agreement?

Coming to a mutual understanding is not always an easy process.  Do you know what you want or need from the other “side”?  Negotiation counts on a process of discussion as you exchange ideas about what each of you want, what you each value and how to add value to each side.  If you are negotiating on the principles and using fair objectives, standards and processes, then you are bound to deal fairly with each other.  But those principles need to be established early.  Otherwise, resentments about who is doing the negotiation can get in the way instead of putting the principles first.  

Agreement creation is a complex process.  Things emerge during a negotiation that are unexpected, unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable.  Being prepared for the unforeseen is key to success, even if it is only to be skilled at seeing, understanding and influencing complexity.  Which is the essence of Adaptive Action.  

Come to my new course Creating Agreements That Fit – on to learn the basic skills of good agreement formation.  Become prepared for negotiating and forming your agreement successfully for both parties.  You can register for the course information and a discount here.   




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