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New Year’s Eve 2021 – Resolutions and Thoughts


What have I been up to these past months? 

Well, that is a good question. Covid has kept me isolated and working on a project that kept me busy and distracted, which is just what I needed during this difficult period.  I wrote a course for online delivery and hope to launch it in the Spring of 2022.  

But as for resolutions and thoughts  from 2021 and into 2022, I can only offer the following: 

  • Reflect on the past year and articulate the lessons you have learned – How did you grow? and not just around the waistline…
  • Go easy as we move forward into the new year.  There is no reason to push hard into the next year given that Covid is still with us and trending hard to contagion.  
  • Be alert about taking care of your health, get your shots, wear your mask, stay home when you’re not feeling well, walk in the open air from time to time, send yourself flowers.  
  • Stay connected with friends through online gatherings or by letter (yes, write letters or cards!).  
  • Learn things by taking courses online (MOOCs) or reading good books. 
  • Have fun – play; with paper and pens, ink, paint, canvas, puzzles, whatever makes you happy.

Living in the NOW is a bit of a challenge as we tend to think over the past or worry about the future.  Staying present in the current moment and enjoying it fully is the best gift you can give yourself in these times of isolation.  

All best wishes for the New Year.  



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