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Adaptive Action: What’s great about asking questions?


Adaptive Action cycle: What? So what? Now What? Next What?


Check in with the what’s going on.  What’s happening? What do I see with my own eyes? What do I hear? What are the stories that others tell me? Without “What?”, how will you know which path there might be, which decisions have been made already and could yet be made.  “What?” will help you discern which choices lie on the horizon for you and for those you care about – whether for your immediate environment, your child, your neighbours, your job, or your spirit.  The question “What?”, will give you a lot of information  from the past, for the present and into the future. 

So what? 

So what does all this information mean – to you? To meaningful others, to larger world? So What if things changed? So what difference would that make? So what would you change if you could? So in what direction would you change that one factor?  Up, down, bigger, smaller, hotter, colder, faster, slower… so what would change? So what is the difference that makes a difference to the situation? So What intention do you have with this potential change? Who can make this change happen? Is it within your grasp? So who else needs to be involved? So what does that mean? So what are the options for change in the direction you want to move, grow, change?  “So What?” gives you a chance to look at the information, what it means and imagine the possibilities. 

Now what?

From all the options for change you have to choose from, which is within your reach? Now what can you do, in the present moment to make something happen in the direction you want to move? Now What demands you take action. 

Next What?

And then you can see into the next What? What is different from before?  What has shifted? What stayed the same?

Don’t get mired down and stuck.  Try Adaptive Action.  What? So What? Now What? Next What?




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