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Know When You’re Stuck?


gas bubbles frozen in a lake
Stuck in ice, gas bubbles form a beautiful pattern.

What does Stuck look and feel like?

You know when you and your organization are stuck. You’re bored. You don’t feel creative or innovative and you don’t feel like taking risks. You and your colleagues are stagnant – your roles and responsibilities haven’t changed and your expectations are the same as they’ve ever been.  Processes are out of date.  Communications are lifeless and people might just keep their heads down, not challenging you or even making eye contact.  If there is conflict, it is ignored or so deeply embedded it is nigh on impossible to deal with.  There is a single, strong institutional myth that carries everyone along. 


What can be done? Well, first disrupt the pattern!  Maybe the leader is stuck and therefore the system cannot move.  Then, you can ask where in the whole system is there movement? Perhaps by opening up a small space, multiple perspectives can bring forward history in the most meaningful and useful way to begin a shift. 

The organization and you need to see beyond where you are and find a new path.

Bold Change Coaching can help.  Just ask. 


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