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Feeling all over the place? Scattered?


seeds scattering in the wind
Scattering seems like a good idea, but in organizations it’s just messy and chaotic.


What does scattered feel like? 

In a scattered organization or pattern, there is little or no focus.  Little or no trust exists between people because you are trying to move around on too many fronts at the same time.  Competing silos of activity have few or no agreements between them.  So there is probably a lot of burnout, infighting and stories about “those people” in the other silos.  Your customers are likely confused and not very satisfied with ragged service levels.  If you’re leading an organization like this, or part of one, what can be done? 

Here’s how we can we help 

Bold Change Coaching can help your organization define the patterns desired and build system wide coherence and connection.  Clarifying roles, expectations and procedures, designing effective decision processes and helping the organization increase its communication across silos is only part of what we work on together.  Amplifying your purpose to increase collaboration and mutual support to show how everyone contributes to the whole is part of our work with you.  Call us if you think we can help you.  




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