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Groundhog Day Every Day?


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When spinning turns into feeling like you’re headed for the drain… stop spinning

We’ve Been Here Before

The struggle is real.  Deciding what to do, back and forth over the same ground, avoiding risk, competing priorities, repeating issues. You are spinning your wheels.  You might consider launching new initiatives, even developed the concept, but it doesn’t seem to get done. There’s a lot of cynicism and skepticism on board and conflict is recurring and often squelched.  The vacillating decision pattern frustrates everyone.  

Settle into productive patterns

In order to get out of the spin cycle, there has to be a commitment to forward focused vision, and no re-hashing of the past.  Useful patterns of decision making and interaction need to be established.  Connections across silos of work, of information need to be created. Protocols for decision making need to be created, along with narratives around collaborative decisions. Simple rules will help focus decisions.  Clarify decision making horizons.  Bring to light and resolve conflicts and questions.  Increase the focus where it really matters, on the differences that make a difference.  Engage the whole system.  

Bold Change Coaching can help you and your organization set your path forward.  Call us for more information.  





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