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When life is in Shambles…


Hand reaching up for help through waves of light
Desperate times of chaos need a call for help

Reaching out for help

Why do clients call me? Sometimes because they have disrupted patterns and all around them is in shambles. 

Sometimes it’s because they are working in a place where people have different agendas.  From the outside, it looks like everyone is innovative and agile.  But behind the scenes roles and responsibilities are unclear.  Thus, unpredictable and ineffective decision making takes place. 

Also contributing to the shambles may be a random approach to problem solving.  That creates confusion, chaos, disorganization and a feeling of mismanagement reigns.  Unreliable processes and inconsistent performances with weak or no focus contribute to the confusion. Layers of conflict create long uncomfortable silences.  Nobody is happy. 

We can help this shambolic situation. The client clears the confusion and create order. 

We hold up a mirror to the system using different HSD models, like the Landscape Diagram or the Four Truths. 

These models slow things down and help the client find and reinforce emerging patterns that expand a shared understanding of problems, processes and the variety of performance expectations.

Focusing roles and expectations and standardizing processes develops a shared narrative.   Conversation is important to bring to the surface the normative truths and underlying assumptions. 

Together the client’s group might generate unexpected options going forward.  Everyone begins working from the same page. 

Call Bold Change Coaching for more insights into the shambolic workplace and for solutions to your own workplace situation. 




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