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Metaphors Can Move You

Sacred time

Each year, as the year is closing, or opening – depending on how you choose to look at it, I spend some time reflecting on what happened over the past 365 days and what might happen in the next 365 days.  This is sacred time for me. 

As light comes back into the world, after the winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, this is a good time to think about what I want in life.  This year, as I considered some goals, I wanted to find a way to tap into them in a deeper way. 

Metaphors, Avatars

Metaphors have always touched my imagination and stuck with me, so I decided to conjure up three metaphors to guide me this year. 

First I focused on my biggest goals 

  • getting stronger, more fit and more resilient;
  • tapping into happiness and love around me, and;
  • helping people find their path to a better life. 

So for the metaphors –

  • I imagined Charles Atlas – the comic book Strong Man who transformed himself from a guy who was weak until he built himself up to be a powerhouse.
  • I imagined the Camino Pilgrim – searching and sharing truth and love on a pilgrimage. 
  • And I imagined a Happy Warrior – defending the freedom of others in a world gone crazy sometimes. 

Three Words

Every year, for the past 12 or so, I also chose three words, following Chris Brogan’s advice, to carry me along on the year’s journey.  My words this year – Practice, Exchange, Harbour – echo my metaphors. 

Your Turn

Try these exercises.  Take some time to focus on one big goal.  Imagine yourself in a story.  Who are you? What do you seek? Let your imagination find its depth and follow it.  Three words, combined with adaptive action, can be your touchstones every day to move you forward, over that mountain of obstacles that keep you from getting what you need, being where you want to be.  


Finding your metaphor, could begin your journey to big wins.   And make the world and your world a better place, too.  


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