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New Year, New You? Choice means Uncertainty.


sun rising behind copse of trees on snowy field
Winter field, sun shadows on snow


The year is new, it’s a call to renew resolutions, try hard to change and alter our direction to a new north pole.  Lose weight? Walk every day? Begin a new budget? Downsize the closet? Whatever your resolution is, it’s about choice and with choice comes uncertainty.  Such is freedom.  We all know people who make resolutions and never fulfill them; I am one of them.  Like everyone, I can lose focus. 


Sometimes I frustrate myself with an unfulfilled resolution. I know I am deciding to make different choices – I am awake to the differences.  But awake and conscious doesn’t get me losing the weight I want. 


Purposeful dieting and proper eating habits will do that, not a resolution at the new year.  Simple steps, one day at a time, small choices every moment, the freedom and consciousness to know what you are choosing each time, that is what will achieve the goal.

Getting it done

It’s the same with any goal you set.  Small steps, every day.  Set the goal.  Pick an approach.  Train and prepare for the approach.  Do the work – go.  Focus.  Keep doing the work. Daily.  All the time.  Reach the goal.  Sustain, sustain, sustain.  Daily, all the time.  Repeat. 

Cheering you on!

Respect yourself – you can do this. Choose your first step. Take it. Remember, uncertainty is a natural part of the journey. So be ready for anything!  And if you need someone to help you on your path, call Bold Change Coaching!   

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